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Posted by spider at on May 07, 2001 at 10:31:34:

In Reply to: At this point... posted by Sir James Lacaita on May 06, 2001 at 21:12:22:

A punk track would kick ass!!! The Dead K's that would be wicked, not to mention all the other old schoolers. I don't even have enough room for the entire list, but i'm sure you know everyone i would list.

: ...the "in-style" music genre is a total free-for-all. MTV used to be the gauge to determine what was cool to listen to (for the outcasts that is), but now it's nothing but shit. The day that bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn,
: Britney, BSB, N*Sync, Papa Roach, Blink 182, and shit like that top the charts on MTV is the day that I resort back to Old School. That day was many many moons ago. I can't say what would be fitting for J&SBSB because I haven't seen it, but I'm sure ICP is tied with about twenty other bands for the last choice of bands to put on the soundtrack.

: Personally, I've been getting to the roots of Punk. Back when it was about fast tunes, nifty-keen melodies and teen angst is when it was best. Before Blink 182 ruined the name of punk, it was: The Ramones, Sonic Youth, Green Day, and for the more hardcore fans like myself: Dead Kennedys, FYP, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, and even a little Dystopia. The only "Punkish" song by Blink 182 is "Dammit", everything else is bullshit. The only band that I have confidence might show up on the soundtrack is Weezer, but I'll have to wait until the movie comes out to compile a neat little list in my bunker as I eat can after can of dog food, preparing for the impending Doomsday.

: [James]

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