No, I like grunge because of the MUSIC

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Posted by Pseudo at on May 06, 2001 at 21:01:59:

In Reply to: That's Kinda Weird... posted by St.Cyril Fong-Torres on May 06, 2001 at 20:46:45:

but the fact no one likes it is an added bonus.

: : doesn't even warrant a comment by me.

: That's too bad, maybe you should try it again. It can be immenselt enjoyable.

Probably not.

: :..and did I mention liking Lifehouse? I vaguely remember hearing a song by them, and I wouldn't consider that grunge.

: "Hanging By A Moment" is a perfect example of a Grunge Ballad. New-age Grunge, granted, but still grunge.

New-age grunge? Blech.

: : But, to me, that's the whole appeal of grunge. No one likes it anymore. That's why I like it.

: That's fine that you like it, but I find it strange that you like it BECAUSE no one else like it... Sounds alot like faux-rebel posturing to me...

Believe me, that isn't the case. I love the music and the fact that, without the exception of Kurt Cobain, none of them were revered as a Messiah.

: : The only thing I bands I like these days that are still around are TOOL, Deftones, Stone Temple Pilots, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, and Incubus(but now they're starting to be on MTV, which fuckin sucks)

: My opinion (as if you care): Tool- sucks, Deftones- not my cup o tea, but I respect 'em, STP- they are just okay, APC- see tool, Godsmack- see tool, Incubus- try to be different, but are perpetually the same

Reel Big Fish sucks...ska, as a whole, sucks. I respect that you feel TOOL sucks, and I'm not TOO fond of Godsmack either...but I'm not saying ska sucks because I'm bitter...I'm saying it because it sucks. It combines elements of swing, pop, and punk....what the *hell* were they thinking?

: : I only hope this new band with Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine can bring a much needed salvation from this perpetual music hell.

: Eh, if Spears and *NSync are doin' what they wanna do, all the power to 'em... I actually prefer monothemed pop-gloryhounds to genre-jumping-to-be-hip "sell-outs" (I dont' like this term, but it applies here) like Gwen Stefani.

I have no respect for them. I'm not gonna say N SYNC is gay like many others do, because I don't think they like's just that they're music eats more shaft than an elevator and they're extremely effeminate.......ok, so they are gay...

But I did see that new Eve video...and wow...Gwen Stefani must be dying to be on MTV, because she knows No Doubt will never make it on...and trying to act "kewl" and hip was her only ticket. She looked pretty good though, so whatever. I should shoot myself for watching MTV, what the hell am I doin'...

: Sincerely,
: St.Cyril.
: "I hope you don't like Bush, cuz they suck"

They sure do.

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