A theory about Kilroy...

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Posted by Wonder Girl at 63-93-67-192.lsan.dial.netzero.com on May 06, 2001 at 17:44:46:

In Reply to: Best of Kilroy Part II... posted by Sir James Lacaita on May 06, 2001 at 15:44:40:

He types with his feet and thinks with them, too.

: (I believe he was pretending he was a History Major when he wrote this, but towards the end he got the delusion that I made BigBudget Hollywood Movies)

: I only post things like "thank you to dumb Americans" because it makes
: me laugh to see what you put in the responces. Ok, you won the war of
: independence, but the "Entire British army" is a bit of a over
: statement. At the time of the war of independence (Don't ask me the date, we don't bother with lame shite like that in schools over hear), Britton controlled the biggest empire the would has ever seen. If we had take all our troops from some were like India of Africa, you would not

have won. The Brittish government decided that it was too much truble, and let you win.

: And if Americans are SO smart and SO good a fighting, how come you need to have SO many military basses in Europe, a place you President, or at lest the bloke in the wight house, has never been to? Admit it, America owes the UK quite a bit. I only put the post's i do because of films that are what i call "typical American flag waving bullshit" e.g.: Armageddon and Saving
: Privet Ryan. Stop making films like that, and i'll stop drinking the piss.

: Kilroy

: [James]

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