Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are one in the same???

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Posted by St.Cyril Fong-Torres at on May 03, 2001 at 18:23:24:

In Reply to: VIEW ASKEW MAGAZINE! posted by Knightwing on May 03, 2001 at 17:00:03:

:even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen has one!

I KNEW IT!!! I knew those twised little bitches... no wait, THAT twisted little bitch was a liar! There is only one Olsen!

I mean, look at the facts:

1. In the opening of Full House, there's only ONE Michelle, but 2 NAMES!!! I mean, if there were TWO actors, then they would have TWO people on screen.

Ok, so there's only one fact, but it's a darn valid one! All those pics and stuff of "them" are OBVIOUSLY doctored... it all makes sense now.

So, in conclusion, here is my theory:

There is ONE Olsen, named Mary-Kate-Ashley-Maria-Bodacia-Chizzlebrew Olsen. When she was a baby she was sold by her parents to that Boyett fellow, the one that Dave Coulier always mentions after each Full House ep. When the WB heads decided that the show just wasn't gimmicky enough, well, they told the creators to find some twins to act in the show. When the creators couldn't find any talented twins ('cuz we all know that when twins are born, they both only receive half the brain power of us normals), they took a normal and whored her off as "twins"...

Personally, I'd like to hear from the guy (TangoMania, perhaps?) that has the MK&A section on his website.

"Curse You Bob Saget!!! You killed John Stamos' promising career!"

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