: : and thatís not all . . . : : In celebration of the unique talaent that you have displayed, we also wish to puplish your in what promises to be one of the most highly sought after collections of poetry we have ever published, The Silence Within." : : : The letter goes on and on about how much of an honor it is for me to chosen for something lik this. And whil reading it, I couldnít stop lauching. : : Then I thought: "I canít go on with this! These arenít even my words!". Now, I donít have many principles, but I donít want to be a plagiarist. Allthough, I could get away with this, because basically itís just something called cut-up poetry. An approach to the form in which written text is taken out of context and put together as a poem. David Bowie and William Burroughs are among the ones who have done this before. : : What I did, however, was more of an experiment. I am an art student and I usually learn by testing all sorts of things, and the seeing what happens. I never expected this to go this far. I hope you arenít mad or anything, but Iíd understand if you were. : : I guess what Iím looking for is some sort of a permission or a blessing. If you wanít me to stop this from happening, I will. If you want me to put your names above the poem, I will. If it wins and you want the award money, I will send it to you. Because I, as an artist understand if your work is personal to you. And I donít want to hurt anybody. : : However, if you give me your blessings, I will not take the credits. I have told the biggest newspaper in Iceland about this and they will print the whole true story if something happens. And you can also tell people about this in the Daredevil letterpage or something. After all, a Daredevil-poem acknowledged by a proffesional comittee as a piece of art is kinda funny. : : Wating for a reply, : : Thorarinn Hugleikur Dagsson. : : Email: buddybradley@hotmail.com : : Address: : : Tryggvagata 4B : : 101 ReykjavŪk : : ICELAND : : P.S. I also sent this to David Mack

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