It's a sad day...(My farewell post)

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Posted by Thermometer Brown at on May 04, 2001 at 17:35:09:

In Reply to: Eat your own shit ya off-topic cock-smoking clerk posted by Sir James Lacaita on May 04, 2001 at 17:20:00:

...when JohnnyBlaze is making fun of me. I do believe I just saw a pig fly, and...I have a girlfriend! Well, now that I have a life (since everything is ass-backwards) I think I'll stop posting here, and do everyone a favor.

After this TB will crawl back into his cave since he only comes out to make fun of me, JohnnyBlaze will once again be made fun of by EVERYONE and take it up the ass like the bitch he is (It's dumbass, a dumb ass would be a mute donkey), and all the other members of the Sir James Haters Club will pick someone new, at random, to make fun of and laugh at, and think that everyone else hates that person, too. Farewell, it was nice know you losers.

Oh, just so I don't have to reply to your bitching and sarcastic cheers, I want to point out that between a fan who may not have college intelligence or the most imaginative mind when it comes to questions and someone who feels validated by laughing at, and pointing out the shortcomings of others (notice my Clerks reference?), the latter of the two is the bigger loser.

David "I didn't have anything funny to say a year ago, and I don't have anything funny to say now, go away and leave me alone" Kirkland

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