I've also seen 'bastard' used on Cheers. nt

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Posted by goatboy116 at webcachem09b.cache.pol.co.uk on May 04, 2001 at 17:06:36:

In Reply to: FINALLY saw the Clerks cartoons! posted by Jim Shady on May 04, 2001 at 06:55:37:

: Crivvens to Betsy - it's taken me long enough, but I saw them - hurrah! So this is fun for me - I have a few questions about the series, but they've probably all been asked long ago. It's just that I paid the answers little attention as I wasn't able to reference them in any way.

: With due dread at the screams of derision for my effrontery, I crave your indulgence for the following comments / questions.

: 1) Loved the series - thought it was really funny.

: 2) Can you use the word "bastard" on US network telly? Obviously you can, but was there a fuss about it?

: 3) Good to hear Lisa Spoonhauer's voice again - was there any trouble persuading her to reprise the role? The way she pronounces Dante (Darn-tay) is VERY sexy!

: 4) Was having Charles Barkley in the series a conscious nod towards Chef in South Park - ie someone who you would never expect to agree to be a voice in a (dare I say) cult cartoon.

: 5) A pity about Patrick Swayze's voice not being his own - I have to confess I haven't heard much about him recently, and it might have done his career a bit of good.

: 6) Kudos to all the voices, in fact - nice to hear Jeff and Brian jousting again, and all hail to Baldwin - good work.

: 7) See what you mean about seeing them out of sequence - what a bind! Still, it didn't spoil my enjoyment too much.

: 8) Lack of swearing didn't bother me - I thought they got round it fine.

: 9) Liked the sequence of the Quick Stop in London - the soccer ball was a craven but sweet touch.

: 10) The whole bit about name branding (Band Aid) and returning to the product as opposed to the brand name was very cleverly written. Kev - you could be a serious writer! (Stand down, you morons - you know what I mean).

: That's all, kids.

: Jim Shady
: "Better late than never"

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