I'm sure I don't need to say this but...

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Posted by Hungry like the wolf at webcacheh06a.cache.pol.co.uk on May 04, 2001 at 14:04:47:

Can I take this oportunity to urge every last one of you America visitors to this site to try and see "Jay & Silent Bob strike back" as soon as it comes out if possible and try to take at least 3 friends who don't visit this site with you and tell as many people as possibly to go see it (Which I'm sure you are already doing). Not only will this ensure that Kevin Smith and the rest of Viewaskew make mad money and they get the noteriety they deserve but it will also mean that we in the UK get to see the film before 2002. I just hope this film gets the marketing it deserves, if not then it's up to us to spread the news 'word of mouth' and on this wonderful invention called the internet.

That was a public service announcement by the desperate to see J&SBSB film before 2002.

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