I'm ANAL aswell!!!!:)

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Posted by Glen at m353-mp1-cvx1a.war.ntl.com on May 09, 2001 at 18:56:14:

In Reply to: Fanboy's Review of the special (spoilers, kinda) posted by Jersey Dog on May 09, 2001 at 02:02:21:

But not anal enough to post about it (ok I am, but I couldnt get on the board. Not only was the board prolly packed and downloading being slow, but my comp was also being anally retentive!)
But to the point, I noticed all of those things!
Also, as it wasnt obvious to me the first few times it may not be to others Jay says (when he's drunk I believe); 'Affleck, you were da bomb in Phantoms, yo!'

Ahh, enough analling,

: Every Movie Post needs an anal fanboy that goes through the individual frames pickin it apart.

: Around 17 seconds: the Guy flying into the wall, if you through frame by frame, you can see the wire pulling him back.

: Around 43 Seconds: Copy of Oni Double Feature with Bluntman & Chronic on the cover hangs in the background.

: 55 Seconds: Joey looks nice with her slightly longer hair (or I could just still have my school-boy type crush).
: (and yes, you can recognize the other girl with her)

: ALso... Banky has a B&C t-shirt on, not just the hat.

: All 1:22 of it: looks to be funny as hell.

: Hey, you KNOW somebody had to do it...

: - Jersey Dog

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