Ah, so this is what a whoreclown is.

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Posted by Selleck Schloss, Ltd. at spider-tr021.proxy.aol.com on May 08, 2001 at 23:53:01:

In Reply to: Surprise? Fuck ALL this shit! posted by The Duke of Fluke on May 08, 2001 at 23:37:06:

Dukey has used that term incessantly without ever letting on what meaning he invented for it. After all this time, he finally defined it down to the smallest variable. Rock on, you self-important bit of silt.

: No really, fuck it, I'm gone. There's only so much anally-retentive shit I can take, and I've had my fill.

: Look at this joke of a board, and what it's become. Sycophants and psychos, board police and bored board police. To answer an earlier post from AsianPersuasion, yes, ViewAskew fans are the scum of the earth. That's what you get when you give your fans a forum, when you care about them more than the next famous guy - you get to hear how full of shit they are and you get to see how pathetic they are and you get to see how they use you in their own sad little publicity battles. In fact that's why most of these famous fuckheads don't bother - they'll sign a picture sure, but everything else gets handled by PR, and rightly so, cos people are fucking idiots. It's not worth the pain and embarrasment.

: Fame makes fuckers of us all, I swear. It makes fuckers of the fans who will literally do anything to get noticed by their idol. It makes fuckers of other fans, who see a certain type of fan behaving a certain type of way, and they'll sneer cos they just happen to be better informed fans and therefore so much cleverer. It makes fuckers of the people who should know better, cos the attention, once you've had it, gets hard to ignore, and it makes fuckers of the famous cos you can't please even half of the people half of the time, no matter how you present yourself.

: The way I see it, the small time TV celebrities and the Britney Spears' of this world deserve everything they get. The stalkers, the threats, the fans - the whole thing. But you can't avoid that sort of shit in the public eye, no matter who you are. Kevin is hardly Britney Spears, and you can bet the View Askew publicity machine has less wheels than hers. He doesn't ask for respect, he earns it as a byproduct of making intelligent movies - he doesn't promise to be all things to all people, he's just himself. And it's not like his fans are screaming teenagers waving pictures around (OK, not all of them) - most of you guys are intelligent, literate people who feel an affinity with the man through his films, not just cos he's flavour of the month, and yet he still gets treated no differently than a Spice Girl. Even then we drag ourselves down to the level of schoolgirl fans with this name calling, rule quoting, waving our arms around for attention bullshit.

: No more. I was gonna write, not that you fuckers give a shit, a screenplay or a novel or something. And now, fuck that. If I write anything, the only thing that's gonna have my name on it is the check. Kevin, you have nothing but my sympathies. If this is the shit that you have to put up with, I'm truly sorry, and I'll bet you never thought it'd be like this. Good luck.

: As for the rest of you, well, good luck fighting over the scraps of news. Good luck in thinking up obscure questions for Brian or Vincent, just so you can have the buzz of seeing a red name under your own. Good luck with your genuine questions, you newcomers - perhaps you'll get lucky and someone decent will answer you before the fools rush in to read you the regs. If I was an optimist, I would hope that maybe a solution could be found, but I'm not and there ain't one. If you can make it through the Vulgarathon without the riot police being called I'll be impressed, because things are looking bleak.

: You can say what you like from here on in. I'm not going to bother reading it.

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