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Posted by Pseudo at on May 08, 2001 at 17:31:43:

In Reply to: Kev vs. Peter David? posted by That Kid with the Helmet on May 08, 2001 at 17:22:43:'s a case of Kevin not particularly appreciating someone for something they did, or for what kind of person they naturally, this entire board sides with Kevin to decide they hate Peter David. It's the same thing that's been brought to light on this board regarding Kevin's dislike for a certain director...everyone on the board decided they hated them too, and allowed their latent emotions permeate only when Kevin spoke his mind on the matter first, as it were.

Peter David is a great writer. Why Kevin would take a shot at him for a characterization of Aquaman is had nothing to do with him, and the same can be said of Kevin's weak Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke. Sorry to be blunt, but even Scott McCullar can't seem to keep continuity and characterization fresh in Kevin's head. Peter David must have noticed this rumored cheap-shot by Kevin, so he probably came on here to see what was up...and got blasted by a good majority of people here for it, because once you cross Kevin, it seems, you've crossed them all. Preaching to the choir. It's what got me in the doghouse here. Then they probably told Peter David how much his comics sucked and what a lousy writer he was. I disagree with that, but if the Pope were against Kevin, Catholic View Askew fans would most likely take Lord Smith's side.

Anyway, all of Kevin's feuds with comic creators are ridiculous and blown way out of proportion. Who knows, maybe they don't like each other because they're inconsiderate to one or another when passing each other in DC's office halls. We don't know the entire story why Alex Ross and Peter David seem to be rival creators with Kevin Smith...all we can do is assume...and all the rest of you do is side with Kevin, whether he's right or wrong...

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