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Posted by ~*Subliminal*~ at on May 08, 2001 at 14:53:30:

In Reply to: Wow, now that I read your post further... posted by Pseudo on May 07, 2001 at 21:39:49:

Well rude boy, I happen to put my faith in strangers, maybe I'm neive, but life is too short to get all worked up over shit, I can't find a ride, do you think if I could find a ride just like that I'd leave a message on tha board? I don't think so! Try not to be so damn conservative and live a little. I'm a big girl(not to be confused for "BIG" girl for all you smart asses out there), I can take care of my self, but thanx for the dad talk anyways.

Seriously though, I need a ride, and I trust all you fellow viewaskewers. Trust you enough with my email address, which is If your seriously going (wherever) drop me an email.



The leafs lost :( can't wait for Wednesday!

: ...and I don't mean to sound rude...but what the hell, the entire board hates me anyway...but, do you actually think someone is going to say, "Hey, stranger! Sure, I'll pick you up on about August 22nd or so, a Wednesday, so we can make a day trip, then stop at a hotel. Hopefully you won't kill me while I'm sleeping and take my car and wallet :)! Then the next morning we can go for breakfast at IHOP and continue our trek towards Jersey! I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun...looking forward to it, stranger! Oh, do you mind if I bring my friends along? I'm sure they won't get in our way. By the way...what's your name...and where do you live...?"

: Bottom line, this isn't one just picks up random strangers anymore, especially when going to another country. Unless they're just fuckin' stupid. Robbery...death...kidnapping, one does it. Hopefully you'll find someone stupid enough willing to take you. My advice? Get a car...or get a friend with a car...then go. Why you'd even want to go with a stranger, to another country no less, to see this hour and a half movie, is beyond my farthest comprehension. Good luck in your future endeavors in life...may they come to fruition.

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