If its a mask of a former U.S. President's face...

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Posted by Isis at on May 03, 2001 at 16:35:19:

In Reply to: In relpy to CC's "Vios Con Dios Haunts you because posted by RyanAn on May 03, 2001 at 16:12:25:

Then indeed my friend, you have stumbled upon a classic cinematic gem from Keanu's early years, the "Pre-Speed" era of moviemaking, I like to call it.

Now if only VH1 would put "Rush, Rush" by Paula Abdul back into heavy rotation, we could all swoon at this fine thespian's early signs of genius.

-- isis
joe lies, joe lies when he cries

: : ...it's a classic cheese line from that classic cheese fest "Point Break". You remember...bankrobbing surfers? Keannu doing his pre-Matrix Johnny the surfing quarterback FBI knucklehead. It's cheese, but entertaining cheese. also off-topic but who gives a flying frig.

: : -cranium

: I have yet to remember seing Point Break. However, on TBS they play this Keanu Reeves movie alot, and I do not which it is. In it, I assume he is a cop, he has this BIG chase scene where this guy in a mask runs through houses and they jump into an overflow and one of them breaks thier leg or such. If it is it {Point Break}, could someone tell me? Ummm...Thanks. I fell dumb.

: Ryan

: Sorry for the off-topicness it is just TBS.com has nothing, nothing I TELL YOU!!!!!!

: "I feel dumb
: I feel numb"

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