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Posted by Pseudo at spider-wg051.proxy.aol.com on March 31, 2001 at 13:28:31:

In Reply to: scientology posted by carlo marx on March 31, 2001 at 12:36:52:

...for all we know, they might have some computer network that has connections with every internet mentioning of their religion, and track down those who speak disparagingly of it. Nah, you know I'm just jo--

*Pseudo hears loud banging on his door, as it breaks down and two men dressed in blue 'Scientology Rules' t-shirts run in and tackle him to the ground. One holds him down and the other takes out a long needles.*

Pseudo: --king. AGGHHHHH!!!!

Scientologist #1: Hold still. You'll be grateful we saved you from Catholicism and its economic antics.

Pseudo: Noo!! Please!! Nooo!! I like the collection plate!!

Scientologist #2: Relenting is useless. Just relaxxxx, and it'll all be O.KKKKK. Greaaaaat.

*Scientologist #1 plunges the needle into Pseudo's forehead. The scene goes black. The next scene that is visible is the back of Pseudo's gray leather computer chair. It slowly turns as Pseudo sits comfortably, holding an L. Ron Hubbard book in his hands. He has a scar on his forehead. He's dressed in a robe with a pipe in his mouth, grungy shoulder-length hair now neatly slicked back*

Pseudo: Dear friends, I am no longer Pseudo...what a pestilent alias that was. I am now, once again, and forevermore, Kevin Leary. I say all of you fine people go to your local libraries and rent this book...by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology...it's blisssss *drools*...they even let you keep the piece o' brain they remove from the lobotomy. *Picks up the jar as he waves to it* Hey little guy...who's that over there...who's that? *Puts the jar down* Alas, I have finally found something I truly love. *Blows kiss to the camera* I'll be seeing you all on the other side. *opens robe revealing a blue 'Scientology Rules!' t-shirt with a colorful screen logo* And the best part is...freeeeeee t-shirrrrts!

Ok, I was just joking throughout that entire thing. I did that not only because its pretty funny, but to show that it isn't like scientology is forcing its beliefs on us all. I myself, am catholic, not practicing like I should be, but I'm fine with the religion. Granted, it isn't a big portion of my life, to say the least. Yet, scientologists aren't satanists causing havoc...well, not that I know of. So, it's best we respect those beliefs and the choices of those who find solace in its teachings, whatever they may be.

: i guess i'm going to be the only one who has the nerve to speak my mind freely, at the expense of possibly insulting a celebrity, & refuse to apologize for it.

: someone, i don't remember who, made a disparaging remark about scientology.
: jason, perhaps somewhat insulted, responded accordingly, very tactfully asking that he not be judged based on his religious faith. fair enough. but i think it's very important to remember that when one's religion of choice is questioned, or even criticized, that the individual him/herself is not necessarily the target. myself, being an agnostic, i question EVERY religion. & though i find religion utterly unappealing from a personal standpoint, i cannot - & will not - ignore it's significance in other people's lives. thus i do not form opinions based on another's religion.
: but i do believe that religion itself can & should be questioned. granted, i'm not a scientologist, nor have i spoken in depth to any member of this church. but scientology, if what i've read about it can be believed, is a very dangerous, manipulative organization. people have died while undergoing this org's rituals. mental abuse is commonplace. you are required to sign billion year contracts (to insure that you & any future "life" you may have belongs to the church indefinitely). it's whacky. it's scary. why *shouldn't* anyone ask: "what the fuck is going on in that place??" i think it's a perfectly acceptable question that warrants an honest answer.

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