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Posted by Glenda Glamazon at on March 31, 2001 at 13:17:22:

In Reply to: scientology posted by carlo marx on March 31, 2001 at 12:36:52:

It's one thing to have a discussion on the practices of Scientology or any other religion in the abstract in a forum appropriate for such discussion. It's quite another to attack or in any other way disrespect someone for personal choices he has made. People are awfully quick to point out off-topic posts on all manner of subjects, and this falls under that category. Because Jason is an exceedingly cool human being, he didn't take the offense it would have been so easy and justified for him to take.

Would you attack Kevin's Catholicism based on the many reports of priests molesting kids? That would be absurd. Would you attack any Jewish VA folks for "killing Jesus"? This board and the VA family's participation in it is not a birthright, it is a really wonderful privilege. It is disrespectful and unfair to come here and expect these people to apologize for or defend their life choices when they are doing us a service. They are giving us a cool little window into their world. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it.

I'm not saying that one shouldn't question such things as organized religions or things one believes is wrong, but everything to its time and place. To my knowledge, Jason has never brought this subject up himself. He comes here to talk about the movies, and to answer questions about similar things. While it's not out of line to ask respectful questions about his life, he owes no one here any justification for his religion. All he has done is be gracious and respectful to those who have insulted his life choices. Repeatedly.

Quit it! ;^)


: i guess i'm going to be the only one who has the nerve to speak my mind freely, at the expense of possibly insulting a celebrity, & refuse to apologize for it.

: someone, i don't remember who, made a disparaging remark about scientology.
: jason, perhaps somewhat insulted, responded accordingly, very tactfully asking that he not be judged based on his religious faith. fair enough. but i think it's very important to remember that when one's religion of choice is questioned, or even criticized, that the individual him/herself is not necessarily the target. myself, being an agnostic, i question EVERY religion. & though i find religion utterly unappealing from a personal standpoint, i cannot - & will not - ignore it's significance in other people's lives. thus i do not form opinions based on another's religion.
: but i do believe that religion itself can & should be questioned. granted, i'm not a scientologist, nor have i spoken in depth to any member of this church. but scientology, if what i've read about it can be believed, is a very dangerous, manipulative organization. people have died while undergoing this org's rituals. mental abuse is commonplace. you are required to sign billion year contracts (to insure that you & any future "life" you may have belongs to the church indefinitely). it's whacky. it's scary. why *shouldn't* anyone ask: "what the fuck is going on in that place??" i think it's a perfectly acceptable question that warrants an honest answer.

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