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Posted by Alexandria at cc309555-c.chstfld1.va.home.com on March 31, 2001 at 11:58:58:

In Reply to: Re: My Official apology to Jason regarding Scientology posted by hurley guy on March 31, 2001 at 07:09:22:

: Just to let ya know that we(I) arent going to look down up on your or anything for your comments. It was simply an opinion as such, and I believe you and Jason both handled it very well. Its posters like you who have kept me around all these years(has it been that long? damn!) and people like Jason that give me faith that actors are not all about themselves. I mean, honestly, how many actors of Jason's caliber would take the amount of time that he does to chat it up with his fans regarding ANY subject matter. Subject matter that we really have no business knowing or asking. And being so open about it is just a testament that Jason truly is a pretty down to earth guy.

: Other posters need to lighten up a bit, and appreciate the time these guys(and girl) take to chat it up with us. They dont have too. Granted, if it werent for us, they probobly wouldnt be where they are(we are the ones who pay their salaries..in a way), but most actors, musicians, and such do not take the same amount of time that ALL of the Viewaskew folk do. Much thanks to Jason, Kevin, Marylin, Jay, Vincent, Bryan, Ben(back in the day), and any others for taking the time to show us that not only are you really great at your work, you are also great to your fans. We truly are the luckiest fans.

: that is all...

: -jared
: "4 wheel drive, ORV, bulletholes...BULLETHOLES!!!"

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