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Posted by Jason Lee at on March 31, 2001 at 03:40:06:

In Reply to: Point well taken posted by captaincranium on March 31, 2001 at 03:36:54:

I can only tell you that it is the kind of follow-up post that you left that
keeps me intersted in being open with people. I respect you A LOT for
that. Thanks.


I don't want a debate either and as you can see this thread has
already popped up some ugly posts by others.
: You are absolutely right. I didn't mean to offend you and my
comments are based on hear-say. Of course I don't think less of you
now. I'm a really big fan of your work and wouldn't let something like
your personal beliefs get in the way of that. Once again, I gotta
apologize for the ignorant comments. I'm not bummed (just a little
small-minded sometimes). Thanks for the post, keep up the good

: : : I know what you mean. Scientology seems like a scary cult-type
: : thing & I was disappointed to hear that our man Lee is wrapped up
: : that racket.
: : : Travolta is a freak.

: : We've all been through this before. I don't want to get into a
: : Scientology debate on Kevin's board, but please, show some
: : respect. Scientology is a religion. Think about how that could be
: : offensive to me, you being 'bummed'. Are you not going to watch my
: : movies now? Am I not as cool anymore? Am I no longer that cool
: : that comes to the board all the time to chat with all the cool people
: : the viewaskewniverse? Would you be 'bummed' if you found out I
: : Jewish? You may not think of it as being the same, but it is. Thanks
: : for listening.

: : Jason.
: : :
: : : It seems like every actor that gets remotely famous gets into
: : Scientology, I really don't understand it. Sure if you chose a
: : religion/belief because you feel it is right for you after investigation
: : then kudos, yet it seems like a secret society is going on ("hold it
: : sir/maam, you made 3 films? yep ok your in, read Diantetics &
: : your E-meter") in Hollywood.

: : : : I can respect other's beliefs, but from what I've seen Scientology
: : can be dangerous (Lisa McPherson - see link, and on a lesser
: : degree Tom & Nicole).

: : : : This message is for Jason Lee only, whatever path you chose
: : Jason just do it safely dude, and if after clicking on the link below
: : feel comfortable being a Scientologist then kudos to you, but at
: : read Lisa's unfortunate story and see if it in any way compares to
: : life.

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