He's probably Christian!

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Posted by David Boring at bpr2-082.ih2000.net on March 31, 2001 at 03:38:50:

In Reply to: Re: Scientology & Lee.....bummer posted by Jason Lee on March 31, 2001 at 03:31:26:

Christians never get a hard time about their religion! Bastards! Just kidding. But I do think that people of the non-Christian/Catholic/Jewish/etc. faith are more open-minded to other religions because they are sometimes given crap for not believing the same thing.

That's just my opinion, and I agree with Lee that religious debates are one thing that need to stay off the board. No matter who the subject of it is. Kevin, Jason, Vincent, anyone. It's none of our business, and we should MOVE ON!

David Boring
"Long live tha Pussey!"

: : I know what you mean. Scientology seems like a scary cult-type
: thing & I was disappointed to hear that our man Lee is wrapped up in
: that racket.
: : Travolta is a freak.

: We've all been through this before. I don't want to get into a
: Scientology debate on Kevin's board, but please, show some
: respect. Scientology is a religion. Think about how that could be
: offensive to me, you being 'bummed'. Are you not going to watch my
: movies now? Am I not as cool anymore? Am I no longer that cool guy
: that comes to the board all the time to chat with all the cool people of
: the viewaskewniverse? Would you be 'bummed' if you found out I was
: Jewish? You may not think of it as being the same, but it is. Thanks
: for listening.

: Jason.
: :
: : It seems like every actor that gets remotely famous gets into
: Scientology, I really don't understand it. Sure if you chose a
: religion/belief because you feel it is right for you after investigation
: then kudos, yet it seems like a secret society is going on ("hold it
: sir/maam, you made 3 films? yep ok your in, read Diantetics & here's
: your E-meter") in Hollywood.

: : : I can respect other's beliefs, but from what I've seen Scientology
: can be dangerous (Lisa McPherson - see link, and on a lesser
: degree Tom & Nicole).

: : : This message is for Jason Lee only, whatever path you chose
: Jason just do it safely dude, and if after clicking on the link below you
: feel comfortable being a Scientologist then kudos to you, but at least
: read Lisa's unfortunate story and see if it in any way compares to your
: life.

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