Gotta agree with Mr. Lee

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Posted by curegirl at on March 31, 2001 at 03:31:55:

In Reply to: Re: What's the appeal of Scientology for actors? posted by Jason Lee on March 31, 2001 at 03:19:56:

Jason, you took the words right out of my mouth when you said everyone has to decide what is right and real for them...In my opinion, no one should have the kind of power over another person to tell them what to believe or how to worship...when you find your spirituality on your own it makes it such a deeper part of you, then when it is simply spoonfed to you...I have to admit I don't know too much about scientology, but if that is what works for you then it is wonderful that you found it...we all need something in this messed up world we live in...
Also, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions before! (A Forest is a great Cure tune!) :)


: :
: I'm usually very cool about talking openly about my personal beliefs,
: etc...but, no offense, I think you may have gone a bit too far here.
: Again, I'm always open, but to tell me to take whatever path I wish to
: take safely is a warning that I do not need. I'm not in any way
: questioning your intentions, I'm merely saying it's not needed. I
: started studying Scientology years before I became an actor.
: Scientology isn't just a "Hollywood religion", it's worldwide, and not
: just for actors. I don't feel that actors are being pulled into it because
: they are actors. People find Scientology, and if it works for them,
: great, but if not, fine. It's for each person to decide what is real or right
: for them, and what is not. This is the case with every religion, belief,
: etc.... Now, as for Lisa McPherson, I personally don't know what
: happened with that, as I'm sure you don't either. We read about
: things and hear about things all the time, but what is real or actual
: truth cannot always be discovered or known through the media, etc...
: You know how that goes. If you really look at it, we live in a pretty
: fucked up world, so for people to have religion that actually works for
: them is a pretty cool thing. I do appreciate your interest and
: understand that your intentions were not at all bad, or malicious.
: Take care!

: BRODIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

: Jason.

: It seems like every actor that gets remotely famous gets into
: Scientology, I really don't understand it. Sure if you chose a
: religion/belief because you feel it is right for you after investigation
: then kudos, yet it seems like a secret society is going on ("hold it
: sir/maam, you made 3 films? yep ok your in, read Diantetics & here's
: your E-meter") in Hollywood.

: : I can respect other's beliefs, but from what I've seen Scientology can
: be dangerous (Lisa McPherson - see link, and on a lesser degree
: Tom & Nicole).

: : This message is for Jason Lee only, whatever path you chose
: Jason just do it safely dude, and if after clicking on the link below you
: feel comfortable being a Scientologist then kudos to you, but at least
: read Lisa's unfortunate story and see if it in any way compares to your
: life.

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