any religion IS better than none, unless U R a Jew

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Posted by Haitiangirl at on March 31, 2001 at 03:31:01:

In Reply to: oops, didn't realize I was offending M.D.'s friend posted by Haitiangirl on March 31, 2001 at 03:29:14:

: : :
: : I'm usually very cool about talking openly about my personal beliefs,
: : etc...but, no offense, I think you may have gone a bit too far here.
: : Again, I'm always open, but to tell me to take whatever path I wish to
: : take safely is a warning that I do not need. I'm not in any way
: : questioning your intentions, I'm merely saying it's not needed. I
: : started studying Scientology years before I became an actor.
: : Scientology isn't just a "Hollywood religion", it's worldwide, and not
: : just for actors. I don't feel that actors are being pulled into it because
: : they are actors. People find Scientology, and if it works for them,
: : great, but if not, fine. It's for each person to decide what is real or right
: : for them, and what is not. This is the case with every religion, belief,
: : etc.... Now, as for Lisa McPherson, I personally don't know what
: : happened with that, as I'm sure you don't either. We read about
: : things and hear about things all the time, but what is real or actual
: : truth cannot always be discovered or known through the media, etc...
: : You know how that goes. If you really look at it, we live in a pretty
: : fucked up world, so for people to have religion that actually works for
: : them is a pretty cool thing. I do appreciate your interest and
: : understand that your intentions were not at all bad, or malicious.
: : Take care!

: : BRODIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

: : Jason.

: :
: : It seems like every actor that gets remotely famous gets into
: : Scientology, I really don't understand it. Sure if you chose a
: : religion/belief because you feel it is right for you after investigation
: : then kudos, yet it seems like a secret society is going on ("hold it
: : sir/maam, you made 3 films? yep ok your in, read Diantetics & here's
: : your E-meter") in Hollywood.

: : : I can respect other's beliefs, but from what I've seen Scientology can
: : be dangerous (Lisa McPherson - see link, and on a lesser degree
: : Tom & Nicole).

: : : This message is for Jason Lee only, whatever path you chose
: : Jason just do it safely dude, and if after clicking on the link below you
: : feel comfortable being a Scientologist then kudos to you, but at least
: : read Lisa's unfortunate story and see if it in any way compares to your
: : life.

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