Notes from the set of J&SBSB

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Posted by OtisDaCat at on March 30, 2001 at 15:10:03:

For all of you true-believers out there...

The shooting did in fact commence outside of "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" today. What's it like to be on a movie set? Quite boring actually, but hey, what do I know, I'm just a foolish mortal worm standing outside in the rain.
Rain came down today in Red Bank. Lots of it. My house is a two minute walk from the store so I was prepared but I did learn the rain altered the shooting schedule.
I spoke with a really cute publicist outside the store who told me exteriors were supposed to be shot today and interiors tomorrow, but were then switched due to said rain. She works for Mirimax and was part of the "Chasing Amy" assault. I chatted her up for a while and learned a few things about the business.
While we talked, our stoner-hero "Jay" rolled up in a red van, stepped out and proceeded to talk with some fans hanging around the set. He took pictures with them, drank some coffee, smoked some butts, and dealt with the freezing rain to indulge some younger fans. That was cool.
While talking to the publicist, who was very friendly, she introduced me to a film critic from the New York Post. Allegedly, he was the first major critic to review Clerks back in the day. Who knows. Another nice guy, though.
Kevin actually came out of the store once. He ducked behind a huge screen that was being used outside the windows of the store to give the appearance of sunlight inside. The he came around to me, I extended my hand and said "Good luck" and he was quite gracious and friendly, as is no surprise to the readers here. Then he ducked into the front entrance way of the store next door to the stash, some shi-shi yuppie overpriced furnitture store, he proceeded to spit a loogie onto the ground and went back into the Stash. On his way back I turned to the cute publicist and said "Wow, he came outside to spit" which Kevin must've overheard because he turned his head an laughed.
How cool it must be to live his life, and make bucks being creative and dealing with comics, movies, writers and the like.
But back to the publicist. She was quite a honey in her overcoat and adidas fishermans hat. She had just gotten back form Florida where she was with the two kids who star in "Spy Kids." I offered my unsolicited and I'm sure obnoxious advice that the teaser line "It's the Matix for the Home Alone generation" was horrible. She told me how people she meets always complain about the ads being corny, and we had a nice conversation about "appealing to the lowest common denomenator" and blah blah blah...
She was very smart, attractive, and friendly. I was in love. But then I thought she said "We" when describing her apartment in Manhattan and I was bummed. "We" can only mean two things; boyfriend or girlfriend.
But I digress...
Ok,ok, so I was a groupie for a couple of minutes. I'd never seen a movie being shot before so it was kinda fun. But I did no enough to get in out of the rain, so here I sit, relaying my tale of my brush with stardom that broke my heart.
She was perfect.
The End.

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