The snake which eats its own tail...

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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on March 30, 2001 at 14:40:59:

In Reply to: you know what's funny posted by LD on March 30, 2001 at 13:59:45:

I should hope that the irony of you posting about the subject adding to the subject's pervasiveness is not lost on you. There was only one catch, and it was Catch-22.

...who really is pathetic in this situation? who is begging for attention?

ANSWER: The psychotic obsessive girl who gets telegrams from God informing her that she is linked to celebrities by Fate, and that famous people MUST help her ascend to her "rightful" position. Especially when she goes on a mad (and by that, I mean INSANE) spree of manic, quasi-sensical confrontation-posting with any and everyone on the board who are rightfully puzzled, annoyed, or just creeped out.

It's a failing in me that I have no pity for people like that. I honestly do not. Crazy people who push their trip onto sane people, and "trespass" in such a way, I feel, should be ground up into paste, and fed to hungry sane people.I find their lack of sanity to be a separate issue from their presumptive self-centeredness; the sense of entitlement is astounding. Not only do YOU, Celebrity X have to help me, but FATE and THE UNIVERSE and KARMA are telling me to tell you to do so. It's not MY fault that you have to help me, blame THE UNIVERSE.

God save people from nuts like this.

There are PLENTY of crazy schizos who are content to hide from the world, and busy themselves with foil helmets and light-switching/hand-washing rituals; these folk are OK in my book.As long as they are not hurting, annoying, or pushing their crazy on hapless others, then my heart breaks dor them;for those types, I can feel sorry. But not the "Play Misty for me" sorts who get upset when you don't want to hear their insanity, and are not dropping EVERYTHING to do their bidding. (Well, not THEIR bidding- it's not them at all- it's the "zillions of signs and predictions.")

I reserve for them the same road-rage anger that I do for the dickwad drivers who do 90, drive recklessly, cut folk off and cause accidents involving OTHER people who had no blame in the situation. How dare their irrational need affect someone else?

just let it go guys...responding to whoever 3Eves is will not make her go away...lack of attention will

No. Being committed to an institution will.

Also, don't blame the board & it's "denizens" for their reaction to an irrational and psychotic nuisance. If a crazy monkey jumped into your window, and began to spray urine and feces all over your kitchen, would you blame the people at the table for getting upset and screaming, "Holy FUCK! There's a crazy freakin' MONKEY in here!"

Would you say, "Just leave the monkey alone and ignore it and it'll go away?"


You'd get that monkey the fuck out of your house, by any means necessary.

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