Shots Which Kevin Swiped From "Trust"

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Posted by Drunken Uncle Hal at on March 30, 2001 at 09:48:09:

As in, the film TRUST by Hal Hartley. I know that it was one of Kevin's major early influences, and I just recently saw it for the first time, promptly falling in love with it. I noticed a few shots which Kevin copied in his films:

1) When Dante and Randal fight in CLERKS, one shot is lifted from Matthew and his father fighting in TRUST.
2) When Banky drops the chocolate milk in CHASING AMY, it's lifted from Matthew's father dropping milk.
3) I'm not totally sure about this, but I think that when Bethany enters the abortion clinic in DOGMA, there's a shot which is lifted from the abortion nurse entering the clinic in TRUST. Also, Bethany reminds me of the TRUST nurse, being an abortion worker with a cynical, world-weary attitude-- but that may just be me reading into it.

So, my question for Kevin, Vincent, or anyone else who may know: are there any more Kevin/Hartley swipes which I've missed? Is there something in MALLRATS? For that matter, is there something in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK?

And my other question for the same crop of know-it-alls: are shot swipes like these generally planned well in advance, or are they on-the-spot decisions? I mean, I can't imagine that the script would say "Banky drops his milk, just like John MacKay does in TRUST"-- especially with someone like Kevin, who's more about the words than the visuals. Kevin: is it something you have in your head, but not in the script? Or do you say on the spot "y'know, it'd be kinda cool to make it like that shot from TRUST"? Or is all the DP's work? I'm talking about any swipe, not just TRUST swipes (the RESERVOIR DOGS shot in CLERKS comes to mind).

Thanks, all. I love you.

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