Re: wow, im SOOOOOOOOO with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by hurley guy at on March 30, 2001 at 04:42:58:

In Reply to: All nay sayers can 'f' off posted by 3Eves on March 29, 2001 at 14:10:34:

: And I HAVE had dozens and dozens of predicted things happening to me on a daily basis..

wow, check this shit. my tommorow has been predicted. seriously..check this out..its totally messed up.

11:30 am-wake up
12:30 pm-get out of bed
12:35 pm-take a shower
12:50 pm-brush my hair
12:51 pm-brush my teeh
12:55 pm-put clothes on
1:03 pm-eat cereal. cinnamon toast crunch. (wow, im amazed!)
1:12 pm-get a second bowl, while watching martin on USA)
1:58 pm-martin is over, i put my bowl in the sink
2:03 pm-check my hair
2:15 pm-leave for work
2:32 pm-pass my sister on her way home from school
3:00 pm-i arrive at work, and walk around for 30 min. b4 clocking.
3:31 pm-turn on my color gameboy and set in for another day at work.
6:15 pm-take a break..smoke a cigarette, use the pisser, check hair.
6:43 pm-turn my color gameboy back on
8:47 pm-leave work early because we are so slow
9:02 pm-arrive at my friends house
9:03 pm-crack open my first beer
9:23 pm-im drunk
10:02 pm-i pass out
4:18 am-wake up, drive home
4:31 am-get home
4:40 am-use pisser, check hair
4:43 am-unmake my bed
4:45 am-im asleep.

is it a coincedence that my day has been predicted as well? do you think WE are soulmates? my birthday is 12/19/77. check it out, i bet we are. wow, a match made in your fucking mind!!!!!

"4 wheel drive, ORV, bulletholes...BULLETHOLES!!!" (you probobly knew i was going to say that, it was predicted for you, wasnt it?)

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