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Posted by Darth Dobbin at 208-58-249-254.s254.tnt1.nwhv.ct.dialup.rcn.com on March 28, 2001 at 23:43:18:

It would seem to make a certain amount of sense if the logo/title art for the new movie used the StarJedi font, like on that T-shirt, and in the "Click to see the Winners of the Mug-thing" above...

But here's my Q 4 U (Look; I'm "The Artist!"):

Lucas and his camp are, as of late, notoriously without a sense of humor or whimsey when it comes to "brand dilution" and hold their copyright with an iron, (and cybernetically attached) fist.*

Does the parody of their design constitute infringement? Or is a parody/homage somehow exempt?

Did you guys have to pay royalties for the echoing of the design, or at least gain permission from LucasFilms? Or will the actual title art be ever-so-slightly-modified, or just suggestive of the Jedi Font so that no lawsuit can take place? Or do they like you enough because of all the Star Wars references in the VA movies, so it isn't an issue?

-Vaguely related note-
Friend of a friend works for ACTIVISION, and went to the Skywalker Ranch to pitch a concept for a First Person Shooter (Think QUAKE/UNREAL) with the main character being Boba Fett, and having the game fill in the gap between when he gets Frozen Han to when he delivers it. They loved the idea, but nixed it due to "continuity reasons," as it would "confuse events" in the Star Wars Universe.


*note-this is a departure from the wild & wooly days of the late 70s when anyone and their crazy brother could market a star wars ANYTHING. Who could forget the Star Wars Christmas Album with "What Do You Get a Wookie for Christmas?"

Or the disco-star wars theme song on 45? Ah, sweet, sweet youth. How very sad and dorky.

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