Green Arrow #2

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Posted by Ryan Walsh at on March 29, 2001 at 16:06:02:

It's hard getting used to the DC style of storytelling again. They're way of making each issue a self-contained story is beneficial to those who aren't able to maintain a consistent following, but it has a way of killing plot or character development. The priority is always action, and other such qualities are often just left untended. I think that even in spite of this, Kevin's done a great job of balancing cool action sequences with character development of both Queen and Stanley. Kudos!

As far as the story itself, I really liked it. A good ole' fashioned fat-cat skinning is just the thing for a newly-resurrected crime fighter to work the kinks out. Probably the part of the comic I enjoyed most was when it segued into following the girl back "home". It showed the smaller aftereffects of a viligante's raid, something that is omitted far too often, and it demonstrated yet again how even the most incidental of encounters with Green Arrow can have the most astounding influence on a person. He's still got it. Then there's the part that may have disturbed me the most. I realize this opens me up to a barrage of homophobic cracks, but I'm not sure I see how someone to whom cell phones and feminine rage are alien concepts can be perfectly at ease when exchanging witty, homosexually charged banter with a senior citizen, even if he can cook like an Iron Chef. Still, it was done remarkably well, and if that's the worst you do in your run, Kevin, you'll have done an amazing job.

Midwestern hick signing off now. Thanks for reading!

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