Thats really not it at all, that last 2 paragraph.

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Posted by Bob, the Lord of Evil at on March 29, 2001 at 13:25:54:

In Reply to: Was it? posted by Smalls on March 29, 2001 at 05:07:04:

: Nah. I'd just say... at least in this particular case... I'd simply say that you and I have very different outlooks on character and character development. Your ragging on Marilyn was a waste and incoherent, this is just perhaps a sign that your analysis of stories is way the hell too plot oriented and you haven't thought about the relationship between character likability and character continuity...

Okay, you're really misinterpreting me here- I like Dante. I do, I think the character is fun. I'm saying that there needed to be some growth in between films, or I feel cheated. Literal comparison- 102 Dalmations. The whole movie was just to tell basically the same jokes slightly differentlt.... + 1. I'm saying if Dante is still working at Quick Stop, even if its not specifically his movie, it's like a plus one to me, and thats WHY sequals suck. Nothing new.

: The reason we like a character is who they are and how they react to situations, not what happens to them.

I agree. Unless said character is a miserable fuck in which case I want them to grow. Happy character=fun. Miserable character=needed growth.

I'm not saying you're WRONG for wanting Dante to be the same, I'm saying that is sitcom. ANd who the fuck needs that?

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