Dr. Smith I need you as my script mister.

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Posted by BrianLynch at cc31423-b.etntwn1.nj.home.com on March 29, 2001 at 12:47:16:

In Reply to: Mr. Smith, I need you as my Script Doctor. posted by www.DavidBroitman.com on March 29, 2001 at 10:54:22:

Anyone wanting to see a TRUE independent spirit should go to www.davidbrightman.com and experience the magic for him or her or itself.

You get an awesome synopsis of Brigtman's newest script, which involves a hip young pharmacist and deflowering a virgin (OR IS SHE?) and a fantastic trip to Nevada. I'm serious, look out.

Also, Mr. Brightman gives his email addy if you have "questions about screenwriting". Brightman is the way to go, yo. I had a question, "Mr. Brightman, how do I come off as really professional to OTHER professionals?" But that's already answered by his above post, "Kid, go to that professional's web board and post a plea for his help on screenwriting. That's how the pros do it" and then there's a wink and a nod of Mr. Brightman's fantastic head and he's off on his white horse (or is it a GREEN HORSE, because green is the color of all that is good, like money or nature or David Brightman's middle name! See, Dave-bo, I read your website, I'm one with the Brightmania) to help another.

Or check out a picture of the fantastic David Brightman. Surely someone who posts on a public web board asking a screenwriter for help and has such a fantastic web site must be all of six or seven years old, yes? No sir, David Brightman looks to be about in his mid-twenties. God speed, Mr. Brightman. Or should I say David Brightman-speed, Mr. God.

Check it out. PA WARS has a new friend.

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