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Posted by The Idiot Manchild at on April 01, 2001 at 14:41:39:

In Reply to: Jay and Silent Bob Have Left the Building posted by Kevin on April 01, 2001 at 13:54:02:

Thank you so much for all the askewniverse years. You've done
something nearly impossible; become commercially successful
without getting away from your artistic roots. It's sad to see the
Askewniverse coming to an end, but at least it's going out with a
Good luck on your future films, we'll all stick along for the ride.


: Mewes and I finished our on-camera work as Jay and Silent Bob
today (ironically enough, we wrapped the movie with one of the first
scenes in the flick). Jay did a stellar job and finished up strong (and
bare ass). Good stuff all around.

: Shooting in Leonardo again was a trip. Mosier and I realized that
exactly eight years ago (to the day, even), we were shooting 'Clerks'
there. Sad, isn't it? We haven't really made much progress (although
I've progressed a few sizes in jeans).

: But it was a poignant couple of days. As always, the folks of
Leonardo were gracious and sweet. Saw many of them going into
and out of the store who I'd waited on back in the register-jockeying
days. This affored us an unscheduled but amusing cameo in the
way of Thomas, the guy who played the Roofer with whom Dante and
Randal have the Death Star convo in 'Clerks'. He was stopping in to
get milk, and wound up reprising his role (though with no dialogue).
In a movie full of appearances from incredibly famous celebrities, his
walk-on may be my fave - due to the subtle but full-circle nature of the

: Wrapped Lee out the other day, and was taken for another trip down
memory lane by his Brodie performance. As usual, Lee was
phenomenal. Wait 'til you see/hear Brodie's latest quirk ("And with
that, we cue the music...").

: One more day (a night, actually) of shooting, and then the whole
enchilada's wrapped as well. Fittingly, the scene features Dante and
Randal. We get to end the cinematic tales of the Askewniverse with
the two cats we started telling said tales with in the first place.
Something nice about that.

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