my take on the News Askew pics and prank

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Posted by Night Berserker at on April 01, 2001 at 12:44:30:

ok, so in the pictures we see the infamous "I Assure, We're Open" sign, this could mean a few different things.

1. The movie could take place somewhere around the time of Clerks (being that they still haven't gotten anyone to open the shutters) but this doesn't seem likely as we have to account for the events of Chasing Amy and Dogma. Speaking of timelines, does this movie take place after the "One Year Later" in Amy? I ask b/c I'm curious to know whether or not Holden will have patched things up w/ Banky in the film. I know they have no scenes together (Holden and Banky), just curious.
2. The people in Red Bank really are savages and just put gum in the shutters all the time, forcing Dante to do the same thing a lot.

another thing in the pictures is the Tatoo and Body Piercing store next to RST. Now, the last time I was at Quick Stop, (a little less than a year ago), the store next to RST was a Submission Wrestling School. It's possible that this place closed down, but is the Tatoo store part of the movie? perhaps.

Also, I think the person talking to Lee in pic 2 is his wife Carmen, I doubt it's Joey Lauren Adams, but hey, I could be wrong.

Lastly, any way to read News Askew today? I'm thinking they used some gibberish translating website to translate it and we could change it back quite easily. any have any ideas?

oh yeah, and change the board, it's way too long.


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