Why I have no pity for crazy people..

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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on March 29, 2001 at 11:35:47:

In Reply to: what up goatboy116 posted by 3Eves on March 29, 2001 at 10:45:40:

Strip away the neurosis and the "astonishing miracles," and all you have left is a completely self-centered, selfish and self-obsessed perspective.

The common denominatior to all these delusions, and "revelations" found within over-interpretation of insignificant minutia is that EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU, and how special and destined you are.

If you believe that Fate, Time, and the Universe are all conspiring together to hand you hidden signals within the mundane universe, then bully for you! Huzzah. What ever keeps your boat afloat.

But why must nut-cases then drag innocent, third-party folk into their own bizzare trip? Why must others "hear" you; if the divine Enlightenment of Understanding is indeed shining upon you, why bother with screenplays and celebrities? Bask in the nirvana of whatever craziness you feel is connecting you to the Universe, and leave innocent by-standers and people who you have never met OUT OF IT.

Look, I'm all about healthy narcissism. Obnoxious celebration of one's self is not unknown territory to me. Viva la self promotion, I say.

But there's a difference between that, and the self-important craziness of someone who feels that not only are they special and destined and chosen, but that OTHER people are destined to "help" or "join" with them.

Screw off with that. Kevin, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and everyone else associated with VA have worked hard and are talented enough to succeed on their own merits, and by the proverbial sweat of their brow. how dare you, with your quasi-angelic mish-mosh of numerology, Tarot, and synchronicity read into the tea leaves that folk who have "made it" are somehow HIDDENLY connected with you, and owe you something?

Kevin is not linked to you, spiritually or any other way. You are just some loon who has happened to affix yourself to him, because of your own brokenness. There's precious little difference between you and the woman who was convinced that she was married to David Letterman.

You are sick, and need medicine. Of that there is no doubt. But beyond that delusional sickness, I think there is also a weakness of character and an infantile self-centeredness to your brand of crazy that really irks me. You've chosen to parse the universe as telling you that YOU are more important, worthy, and special than EVERYONE ELSE, and that others will be tapped to aid you, based soley upon your "you-ness." That's not enlightenment. That's delusional co-dependance. And it's creepy and scary and uninvited.

And the need for so much "hidden magic" never fails to astound me.

Oh, you know all about Tarot and the Tree of Life and how to get high on weed and explore the interconnectedness of random numbers. . You're HIP, baby. But what about the left brain? Do you know anything about that, melon head? How does the Mysterious Stereo function? Why does the mystic Air Conditioner make the air cooler? Have you ever wondered about these things?

How someone can strike keys which send electrons dancing across a screen into readable type, and then send that information across miles of solid wire, transmit it through the air and bounce it off of man-made orbiting machines, and have it be accessible by the world.. And then look for "magic" in tenuous, subjective connections of birthdates and initials?

Dear 3 Crazy-Faces-Of-Eve: Find someone else to obsess on, and leave my favorite "Local Boy Makes Good" cool guy, and his family, the hell alone.

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