just trying to tell kevin he is my hero!!!

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Posted by dirtymagic at lsanca1-ar12-024-090.elnk.dsl.gtei.net on April 01, 2001 at 03:55:27:

Um.... im really intimidated in writing this, im worried im not going to sound smart enough of profound enough to get this letter recognized. so ill just write and hope you get this kevin. ok.... you are seriousely the person i admire most in life, you are the true king of indie film, and ever since i saw all of the movies youve made i have wanted to be a director. im a senior in high school so im on my way to a junior college....(didnt apply myself enough to get right into a 4 year), then hoping to go onto u.c.l.a film maybe??? still not sure, i still think its utterly riddiculous that im supposed to lay out the majority of the rest of my life at 18. so yeah, got the brown-nosing out of the way... um, i have about 3 decent films in my collection ive made..... one is "spiderman" in which we dressed up my friend whom weighs about 250 in a spandex spiderman outfit and had him run around and do random things... all layed out to the ramones covering the spiderman theme, its like a music video. um the next one i made is the longest one its about 15 minutes, and it stars my jewish friend, and its called "the search for the chanukah bush" it was funny if i do say so myself, and the last one i made i correographed fight scenes and made a star wars techno battle, for the senior video we produce in my school. ok, now that ive probably thoroughly bored you, if your still reading AWESOME!! i really wanted to say that it would be a great honor...... the honor among honors, if you would allow me to send to the films ive done and if youd take the time to watch them....... seriousely, i would be more contet than you could imagine. so...... i get the chance to have something read by you and i ask for a favor, kinda selfish i apologize, but its too great a chance to pass up.
thanks for your time,

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