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Posted by Amphithea at on March 31, 2001 at 22:23:42:

Okay, I finally picked up the Chasing Amy DVD today, and I've gotta
apologize in advance for this query for two reasons: A)It will forever
induct me into the legions of the unforgivably anal retentive and B)It has
probably been pointed out sometime in the past, and if it's in the
summaries and for some reason I missed it, feel free to kick my ass.

Okay, so I'd always worked under the assumption that Walt the Fanboy is
Walt Flanagan, seeing as how he's played by him and in the Walt Flanagan's
Dog comic the dog in question belongs to Walt the Fanboy. But while reading
through the insert in the Amy DVD, Walt Flanagan's listed under "Cats we've
only thus far heard about" part, and Walt the Fanboy is given the last name

So are they the same person or not? Good God, I hate myself for wondering
about this...means I need to get a life...soon. But, you know, in case
anyone else happens to have noticed and knows the answer, feel free to

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