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Posted by #4of37 at on March 28, 2001 at 12:42:07:

In Reply to: Re: Wow... posted by MrHyde on March 28, 2001 at 12:01:05:

You don't need to be pardoned for sharing your opinion, just be prepared to defend it.
If you have such a preference for plays, go see one.
If you're unhappy with the film media and don't gain satisfaction from their products, stop watching.
One final thing. If you demand an intellectual and emotional challenge to be satisfied with a movie, hell, if I were you I would have stopped looking to Kevin Smith for it after Clerks and Mallrats. Those are a couple of my favorite flicks, but no, they're not especially deep. Chasing Amy and Dogma represent huge leaps forward for Kevin Smith in terms of making films with serious social meaning. And all you can do is bitch because they're not meaningful enough for you?
On August 10, don't waste your 8 bucks. Go see a play. Me, I'll be down at the Cinema IV, and I'll most likely laugh my ass off and have a hell of a time. That's just how un-intellectual I am sometimes.
Whistling Dixie while chewing crackers and covering one eye,

: Yes, there was a point, but the meaning didn't go beyond the usual sappy narcissistic stuff; and no, I don't care about 'art' or some such, but in the average play, there's a ton more depth than in film, and by god, that is just pure laziness on the film maker's part. Mr. Smith and co. should be able to do better.
: When I watch a movie, I enjoy it. But too damn bad if I want something that will challenge me intellectually and emotionally.
: And yes, Dogma did almost have real meaning, but the ending was way too pat, and the issues were simply tossed out with exposition, instead of being really developed. Mr. Smith told the meaning, rather than showed.
: My pardon for sharing my opinion.

: : : Am I the only preson in this cosmos who did see the deeper meaning in Dogma? I mean, yes it was buried in and amongst the comedy, and shit creatures, but really... There was a deeper meaning... I have only watched the movie thirty times since it came out on video, but I saw the real meaning underlying in the funny shit the first time I saw it...

: : : Really, has america become so numb to politics and religion, and all things intellectual, that they can't sniff out a slightly hidden theme...

: : : heres a hint... the catholic church got pissed off about it, so there must be something there....

: : : Mando the Mad Charioteer...

: : Slightly hidden? My ass. If you didn't get a serious point from Dogma, you just weren't paying any fucking attention.
: : And if you didn't get a serious point from Chasing Amy, maybe you ought to think about what a movie says, instead of just watching.
: : (This is more in reply to MrHyde than you, Penguin, but it hinged on something you said.)
: : #4
: : "Who ever told you a Chinaman was colored?"

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