Re: Crack kills... but not fast enough.

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Posted by MrHyde at on March 28, 2001 at 12:06:30:

In Reply to: Crack kills... but not fast enough. posted by TPS_report on March 28, 2001 at 10:13:20:

yeah, you tell him. Way to tee off on someone's opinion. What a mind you have.

: : first of all, damn I hate John Hughes' movies. I just thought I would vent for a couple of seconds. I really can't understand the attraction behind the Breakfast Club. It's not feasible, and it's sappy.. I hate sap. Come on, children! Alright now I'm done with John Hughes, I can say my bit about Jason Mewes. What a superb actor. I think out of all the characters in Kevin Smith movies, he is the greatest. He puts Ben Affleck to shame, and Affleck is pulling in a lot more roles, and of course cash.
: : :) I love ya, Jason!
: :

: Dude, crack kills. I'm serious. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE IN A DRUNKEN STUPOR ANYMORE!! work the program, brother.

: maybe some time away from the VCR and Internet porn will ease your addled brain.

: Early John Hughes films are not only great storytelling, but for those of us born around 1970, his films are a cultural touchstone -"sappy" perhaps, but damn entertaining. Step off.

: Mewes is a funny motherfucker. NOT a great actor by ANYONE'S yardstick, but a funny motherfucker. ONE recurring charachter in a few flicks does NOT make a great actor.

: Please.

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