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Posted by netweasel at on March 28, 2001 at 05:03:07:

In Reply to: Veronica was essential to Dante's character devel posted by Ezekial24 on March 28, 2001 at 02:22:48:

Your an idiot.

Ooooh look, I can describe a shot in the movie if I was making it.

: I feel I'm probably responsible for saying "Kevin sucks" if your not in it, and by no means did I mean to dis-respect Kevin, it's just that Veronica ruled and if JASBSB ends with Dante and Randal it would just be fitting to have maybe a scene where Veronica is driving to college looking through her bag not concentrating on the road and Dante is walking across and their eyes meet and Dante dies (accidently of course).

: That would take Clerks back to it's roots, and that brief moment refelcts the irony of the whole situation. Veronica saves Dante in Clerks, then accidently kills him in JASBSB.

: Even as an alternative ending, I'm just asking for 30 fucking frames of Veronica! and you were even on the set, I mean fuck, there are roads everywhere, half the shot could have been done then in that guriella-style film making ... just a thought.

: I first saw Clerks without hype, didnt know who kevin was and loved it. I then saw Chasing Amy after hearing just a tiny bit of Indie hype and I like it. I then saw Mallrats and I thought it was not bad at all ... nothing special, but definately not how critics slammed it.

: I just now watched Clerks:The Animated Series and at first I was a little dissapointed yet it really grows on you.

: With JASBSB I am fearful, I hear Biggs, Van Der Beek, and then that the excellent Veronica doesn't even get a jay-walk across the street and naturally it looks like the last movie that is supposibly going to head back to it's roots at the end obviously doesn't consider a very important root named Veronica to have even a single frame.

: But hey, I'm going to the cinema for JASBSB, and I'm pre-ordering the DVD as I love kevin's work and have a lot in common with the jokes, characters, and etc etc ... but that's just the way I feel about the Veronica issue.

: So before you put that camera away Kevin, go shoot my ending and remember it's Zeke for the credits. :)

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