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Posted by Michael Raben at on March 28, 2001 at 01:37:15:

In Reply to: How did you get started? posted by INSPECTOR DARK on March 27, 2001 at 19:10:26:

: 1)I'd like to know how do you go about asking for money to fund ideas?

In cases such as 'asking for money for creative projects', DETAILS ARE EVERYTHING. Simply defining what you're doing is NOT enough. You are delivering a presentation - that means you have to have printed materials, pictures, plan and strategy laid out. You will probably have to make a presentation. You have to SELL YOURSELF AND YOUR IDEA. I can't tell you how to do that - but most of the guidelines are fairly obvious. The information you provide MUST be complete - no holes anywhere. Even if you're "making up info" to provide, it must be 'complete'. This has to include outlets, distribution, etc. HOW IS THIS PROJECT GOING TO MAKE MONEY?

Sure, you might be able to score some green from friends and relatives, but if you're talking heavy hitting paydays, you have to work like a business and present your plan in the same way.

Oh, and there'll be tons of rejection. So have a thick skin.

: 2)Did you have to borrow for your movies/comics?

As I remember it, both Kevin and Scott's parents lent some money to the production budget of 'Clerks'.

: 3)My idea is a comic & I have a few people behind me on it, is it better to publish on your own or with a large company(I.e. Image)?

The best idea is to produce the best project you can and see who bites at it. You check out all your options. Some'll show interest; most won't. Keep in mind that sometimes the first "project" doesn't get you anywhere. It might serve to get you started on a second project though...

And if it were easy, everyone'd be doing it.

Michael Raben

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