Jesus just held a picture of a "screw" and "ball"

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Posted by BrianLynch at on March 27, 2001 at 23:49:11:

In Reply to: Kevin I also got a message from friggin' Jesus posted by 3Eves on March 27, 2001 at 19:35:46:

Want to hear something REALLY weird? I had a dream the night before I wrote BIG HELIUM DOG, and it was of this car, right, and then the car was all MOVING and then, on the way to set THE VERY FIRST DAY OF FILMING, what do I see as I'm driving to Red Bank? That's right, a fucking CAR! Praise be to Jesus! Huzzah to our Lord our God, wassup Christ!

Seriously, I think you and I are soul mates too, my dear. Especially if you have big boobs and a visc-ass. God told me, uh, I'd totally meet some fine young thang and you're the onion I'm looking for. I know "Matt", too, he says "you're the shizzit" and you should totally rock hard with your movie making.

Jesus also said it's your holy duty to make a CANNONBALL RUN III, and then I interjected and pointed out that they kinda did, but for legal reasons they had to re-name it SPEED ZONE but technically it was a sequel and then he pointed his finger and turned me into a lamb and said "frig that, lambchop, I ain't seen no Burt or Dom or Dean Martin, it ain't no CANNONBALL RUN III so speaketh the Lord" and I had to agree.

Anyway, the moon is in the seventh hour and I think you're totally fung-shwei. Peace with you, who's on first, and where, and where is the Batman?

Brian Lynch
(destiny's child)
(whatup detroit)

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