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Posted by The Immortal Grimace at on March 27, 2001 at 23:02:32:

Marilyn Ghigliotti - Let it go, people. Who is the most referencial director ever? Kevin Smith. How do you know there isn't going to be a mention of how Veronica choked to death on dick #98 (The escaped Shannon Hamilton)? You don't. I don't. Kevin knows what he's doing. This is like his 9th or 10th movie (That was a joke. Calm down.).

Brian Lynch - He's an asshole. He's funny while doing it. And people still feel like they can one up him. Why? I don't know. It is funny and makes the board go by faster, so keep it up.

Vincent - Yes, he's a good looking man. Does that make me gay? No. Me saying I would like to enjoy anal sex with him. That would make me gay. Also, he was right about eXistEnZ (or however it goes) being better than the Matrix. I just found that out an hour ago.

The Oscars - ENOUGH with the Oscar bashing. Jesus. It's a fucking black tie awards show. It's supposed to be exciting? It's not a movie. It's about movies. How often are you cheering at the end of Ebert and Whats-his-Name? It's about movies. Shouldn't it be exciting? NO. Has the Oscars ever been 'good'? Is there a banner year?
"Dude! You should have seen the '88 Oscars! Some terrorists took over and blew up Marlon Brando! Then Sally Field had sex with Peter Graves to get her son (played by Ernie Hudson) an Oscar! It was AWESOME!" And if you don't think an Oscar can be bought, you're fucking blind. It's never been about the best movie. Just the best publicity.

Jason Lee vs. Bruce Campbell - Please. No contest. Jaleel White. (Another joke)

The Picture Contest - Congratulations to everyone who got in. Especially the Animal Molesters. I would have sent in my picture, but I'm really fucking ugly.

Final Statements - Any you guys have to stop with the obscure references at the end of your posts. They drive me insane. I spend all my time reading the board trying to remember who said '... don't eat that Rico. You don't know where it's been.', instead of flaming people. And in the end... isn't that what web-boards are all about?

"I'm fine, but you should feel my groin."

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