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Posted by MickCollins. at dsl081-202-189.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net on March 27, 2001 at 12:53:05:

In Reply to: Maybe Marilyn can cut unfunny posted by BrianLynch on March 27, 2001 at 11:47:25:

Up there in the banner for the picture winners(And,when ya thinkg aboot it,are'nt we all winners in this ViewAskew fan gangbang? Well,not Bobby.),who the fuck is that person on the left? I'm thinking its Michael Jackson dressed in the elephant boys remains or its Eric Stoltz prepping for Mask deux.Either way,its creepy as Bobby and why don't y'all(I'm below the mason dixon so I can say y'all and not feel like a redneck at Dale Earnhardt's funeral) slap a picture of Ali Larter or Eliza Dushku up there? Shit,throw Kevin in a 2 piece,its better than loading the page and seeing something that should have been smothered at birth everyday.

That last line was so cruel,its almost Lynchian in cruelness.

And Bob is unfunny. While I am the Rich Little of this motherfucker. I'll be be appearing at the Mirage next week, make sure to bring plenty of chips to shove down my pants.

: Hey Bob, remember when Kevin hated that movie you made? The one you forced him to watch by annoying the living frig out of him, and then you handed him a tape and he watched the tape and he said it was horrible?

: And then you whined and said "well my friends say I'm funny" and then Kevin said, "I've met you, you're not" and you proceeded to whine about it to anyone who would listen?

: And then you begged people to look at your comic strip about YOU which was also unfunny and annoying much like Kevin thinks you are and your movie is? That was a good time.

: Hey, I liked your movie. It was loud, but funny at parts. You haven't said anything funny before or after it, but I enjoyed it. And that girl was cute. But remember when Kevin hated it? That was really funny.

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