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Posted by VioLenT BoB at on March 27, 2001 at 00:22:52:

In Reply to: I hate to diss Kev... posted by Piscez on March 26, 2001 at 23:08:09:

Okay, anybody that was going to make it out of CLERKS, did by now.
Not bringing back certain actresses from a film made nearly 8 years ago this month, is not some horrible affront to propriety.

Anyone that's ever written a review of Clerks, hasn't exactly dwelled on the profound nature of the acting. Largely because the film's brilliance existed in the words said, not the way they were delivered. That was the magic of CLERKS. The unknown actors added to the every day working stiff nature of the film, but that in no way signifies that those actors would work well in other stuff.

I like Brian O. He's a good guy. But you tell me one person in america who is going to throw down 10 bucks to watch the clerks guy save the world from an asteroid. Answer? Nobody.

So why has his career with View Askew continued?
My guess. He's around. They want to do a pickup scene or want somebody reliable they've worked with before. There's Brian. Brian Johnson used him in Vulgar, which we'll all get to judge upon its release. So I'll save my judgements on Brian until then.

There's a guy, that has just kinda had some bad luck with films. He does work. He did Vulgar, he did groupies, but these independents take a lot of time to be finished and distributed. But he stayed around. And he's still around.

Now some other people, thought "Hey, Clerks was well received, I bet I'm ready to take on Hollywood." So they tried. And it was a lot harder than they guessed. Being in a small independent movie from New Jersey was about as much a foot in the door as giving a good blowjob to the doorman at the Skybar. Not much help.

Another person to blame for Marilyn's absence are the people responsible for the rights to her character. If any of the bigwigs that make the marketing decisions at Miramax thought that her return would in some way help the film, i'm sure they could have made that happen since they own the rights to Veronica. They didn't. Kevin didn't.

Any of you fanboys stop to consider the possibility that maybe the return of that character has no bearing on the story. I don't know the script, and you don't. Let it happen. There's no point bitching about it at all.

Hey, I wanna be famous. Everyone of you do. Everyone wants to live like a rockstar. But there's a dangerous thing happening on this board. And it's been happening ever since Marilyn was giving a red name. Now I have no doubt that she's a nice person and ultimately means well. But the wrong tree is being barked up here.

You've all heard us 'regulars(i hate that word)' yell at newbies about asking the same old questions over and over again. And it still happens, but at least new questions are constantly being formulated because the VA family is constantly in motion.

We're waiting on BHD, VULGAR, Lynch's unproduced scripts, Vinnie's progress on Autograph, the careers of Jason Lee and Affleck and assorted others. But these are people that generate interest in their, dare i say, artistic bodies of work.

But if Marilyn could have answered any questions about her career or involvement with CLERKS that has since been dispensed with.

What new questions could you possibly ask her?
Do you prefer doing layered looks or manicures?

It's embarassing, for god sakes.

These same people that kiss her ass and ask inane question after inane questions are the first people to jump down the throat of anyone asking for a job.

"Can I have a job, Kevin? NOPE, and Don't Ask Here Again, ViolenT BoB?"

Well this answer has been given just as easily to that certain someone, but they just don't seem to get it.

MG: Kevin Email Me
KS: Does this count?

For better or worse, odds are you've been written off. Accept that, move on.

And the rest of you for chrissakes. Just DROP IT.

You have no idea how much I yearn for "KEVIN: BOXERS OR BRIEFS?" or "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHASING AMY SOUNDTRACK?" at least there are tactful ways of answering those questions.

But enough is fucking enough.

Let it go.

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