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Posted by ScufDady at spider-tl072.proxy.aol.com on March 26, 2001 at 21:48:27:

Well i pulled my usual go home from school, watch clerks and mallrats (which i could possibly be the only person in the world who thinks mallrats is better then chasing amy) and take a nap routine. i wake up and go on aol and do my daily view askew page visit. i read about how jay and silent bob strike back is their last movie. now, this wasnt the first time i read it but it still doesnt make it any easier. anyhow, i was wondering what the whole fate of view askew and jersey films was if this is truly the last one? I'm sorry if the answer is on the summaries but i read through them like a good little boy and i must have missed it. so, humor me.
by the way, if Kevin or anybody from askew reads this i though you would appreciate the fact that my english teacher from last year and friend of mine is dan loughran. he's a cool guy. he used to tell me all these stories about when u and him hung out(whether they were 100% true or not they were cool). Kim came into school one time to teach some thing for the period after mine too. i think she was showing some of clerks. i couldnt believe it. i must have looked like such a little circus monkey sitting there with my clerks shirt on and mouth wide open. oh, well thats was cool anyway. also considering i have never seen kevin. i have been around so many times but no dice. i haved lived here since my day one. i mena by chance you would think i have seen kevin before. i mean hell, the house he are moving into i have been in before. i went to school with the previous residents' daughter. but, oh well. someday hopefully i will have the honor.

until that day

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