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Posted by pwei at on March 26, 2001 at 17:41:07:

In Reply to: Re: Will there be a bluntmobile? posted by El Bandito Joe on March 26, 2001 at 17:20:31:

There was definately a car scene in Clerks, all be it a small one when

: : For starters i'd like to say I wasn't whinning a few days back when i was talking about the Oscars and jason lee. I would like to have one in my life time but like Lee, i too could really give a fuck. Now that the records straight, as I continue to scoop the monkey and hear about the Bluntcave i'm wondering if there will be a true to form bluntmobile or will jay and silent bob have like a Pinto.( I don't know cars so sorry if this is spelled wrong, also yes I suck at punctuation)What are all of your thoughts? Shiftless

: If it's similar to the previous movies, then probably no...

: Clerks, no cars
Dante and Randall driving to the wake in what I believe you over the atlantic call a station wagon.

: Mallrats, no cars, yet they were able to make it to a mall in MN...
: Chasing Amy, I dont remember a car
You don't remember much, the sport utility vehicle (man I'm getting good at this) that holden drives Alyssa around in (shortly after you'll see Kev and the cameras in the window reflection, tut tut.

So lets not put the dampers on some monster truck action in JSBSB.

: Dogma, Jay smoked the gears on the "zionmobile"

: But considering this is the final chapter, the duo should be pretty wealthy, powerful, and with alot of new toys...

: all the hoes, smokes, and beer they can take, and of course a bluntcave where they can consume it all.

: Chris

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