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Posted by Caleb at on March 24, 2001 at 19:50:57:

In Reply to: The whole swearing thing.A little rant by me-sorry posted by Hungry like the wolf on March 24, 2001 at 19:43:20:

That the Bible says you shouldn't shave, touch dead swine, or (if you translate certain passages the way my friends and I have) perform cunnilingus during a woman's menstrual cycle (God, I love using big words when I'm talkin' dirty). It's like Bartleby says in Dogma, "I remember when eating meat on a Friday was a hell-worthy offense".

-the Jedi Bastard

Who appreciates a good long rant :o)

: While it does say about the unholy word thing, it isn't really one of the Ten commandements so while it is wrong it isn't a Huge sin in Gods eyes, I know a few men of the cloth who have been known to utter the odd profanity and while it is something that greatly annoys Kevin Smith's Mother it isn't something he will burn in hell for, otherwise hell'l be a crowded place. Remember it also says you can't eat crustatians in the bible so do lobster eaters go to hell-I doubt it. While Kevin is a Catholic and has a strong belief in God he isn't afraid to question some of the more out dated rules that were written in the bible. Not that all of them are outdated, but some do stretch the boundaries of common sense. You study the text of the bible word for word and you can interpret it to make anything a sin. At the turn of the last millenium in the UK some priests believed that all sex was bad and those who had sex other than for procreation were damned even if married. So you could say that the passage about unholy words means you can't say anything other than that which is spoke by God & Jesus or mentioned directly in the bible, but that isn't what it means- I've ranted enough

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