Tom Hanks has a big, fat, head....

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Posted by The Immortal Grimace at on March 26, 2001 at 10:23:44:

In Reply to: Best Actor Smactor posted by Aberg Ave on March 26, 2001 at 09:54:20:

: I just want to voice my opinion here and say that although Russell Crowe
: did do a great job in The Insider and LA Confidential.
Have you seen Virtuosity? Now that's acting...

: I don't think by having a stern face for over 2hrs is enough to earn an Oscar.
5 bucks says he punches Steve Martin in the face.

: Honestly I don't think the movie would have been different if let's say Stallone or Van Damme played the role.
I take offense to that. Russell Crowe has a deep voice, and he can emote. Stallone sounds like a punch drunk ethnic stereotype. Van Damme? He's got that weird nob on his head. The audience would think that when he unleashes the hell, they'd be popping out of that damn nob.

: I do think Tom Hanks should get some props. He gained 50 lbs for the role and then lost it all to skin and bones.
So he ate, then he excercised? That's not dedication, that's an eating disorder.

Plus he carried the screen by acting against a ball.
That's how Tom Hanks has to prove how good an actor he is. Just his fat head on screen. If there was another actor/actress, it might take focus away from his big fat head.

The movie itself lacked I mean I would have went for the girl and not to Canada.(jk)
That would be a reallys sexy statement if you were a hot chick with big breasts.

: What do you all think?
I think you blew the ending for the people who didn't see the movie.

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