Probably Mallrats

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Posted by Piscez at on March 25, 2001 at 22:15:12:

In Reply to: Jason "the man" Lees' biggest role? *repost* posted by wesley pipes on March 25, 2001 at 22:02:54:

Didn't you get an answer last time? Its not like anyone knows for sure. No one has sat down and timed them.
Although, that would be kind of cool, to time the exact amount of screentime each character has in the jersey movies. Pointless and too much work, but it would be cool, in the crazy fanboy way, to see how much screentime each character has. How much time each actor has.
Hey! Lets do this. I'll take Banky. Everyone else choose a character. Sit down with a stopwatch, and just time how much they're onscreen. C'mon. Hold a party! Buy five stopwatches and invite five of your friends over, and watch each movie, and you can each do a character so it will take less time! Then we play naked robber!

Uh-oh, Now I'm being dumb again and someone's gunna diss me, I just know it.

: screen time as apposed to dialogue. I tend to lean towards kissing a fool although mallrats is also in contenion.. but hopefully his biggest role will be in fletch (lets hope).

: Also does anyone know when JASBSB thing will be on ET, or do you think that they were just stringing kevin along, or they'll show it after all this oscars BS

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