Why would there be a crowd in the stores?

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Posted by Piscez at 24-240-178-211.hsacorp.net on March 25, 2001 at 19:19:24:

In Reply to: Kevin, are east coast extras needed in Red Bank?nt posted by Neuman on March 25, 2001 at 16:57:04:

I bet it will just be Dante and Randal, and then Randal's cousin Brodie stops by. Any customers will of course have to be played by Walt and Mosier.

: : One more day, kids. One more day of L.A. shooting, and then it's back to Jersey on Wednesday to finish the beast off with who it all started, appropriately enough: Brian and Jeff.

: : Last week was a hoot. Carrie Fisher on Tuesday (great cameo; weird, great lady), and Tracey Morgan on Thursday (who delivered, hysterically, like mad). Friday was a quartet of folks you'll all recognize (can't say much more than that), and yesterday we did some clean-up work with bits and pieces we hadn't gotten around to yet.

: : But Wednesday was pretty historical for us, as it saw the return of a distinguished, high-profile alumnus to the Askewniverse. Yes, children, six years later (almost to the day) we were once again knee-deep in Doherty (Shannon, that is). And it was wonderful.

: : There was also another pretty funny cameo that day, but saying anything more about him would give away too much. Suffice to say, he's a good egg.

: : Still keep an eye out for that 'Entertainment Tonight' piece (maybe this week?), as well as 'Access Hollywood' and 'E!' pieces. And if I can convince the powers-that-be, there may be a 'net-only teaser trailer in your future.

: : Also, for those of you who are into comics, 'Green Arrow' #2 hits stores this week. If you've orderd 'GA' #1's from the Stash (or anything else for that matter), bear with us: I haven't had time to sign a lot of stuff lately. But rest assured - while I'm home, I'll be scribbling on every piece of merchandise I can get my swelled hands on so that Big Bry can turn it around ASAP to you folks, and I can keep taking your hard-earned rupies, marks, pounds, etc. (sp? on the monetary units).

: : Five more days in front and behind the camera, and I hang up the green and black coat for good. Wow.

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