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Posted by joesoldlady at on March 25, 2001 at 19:19:00:

In Reply to: Sounds interesting to me, too, but. . . posted by PeteDude on March 25, 2001 at 01:20:01:

: . . . don't expect to learn EVERYTHING you'd EVER need to know in just one weekend. If anything, expect to get (hopefully) a decent overview that would tell you WHAT you'd need to learn elsewhere. :)

: Probably most of what you need to know you could get from a few books and sites like, and listening in on goings-on at VA.

: As for books: Kevin was kind enough to put up a post about books he'd recommend; if you do a search on past web-boards you might just find it. I thought "Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes" not only an engaging read but highly informative about the business side of indie filmmaking. I've got "The Beginning Filmmaker's Guide" by Renee Harmon that I'm reading (MJF Books, 1994) through as time permits; it seems to cover a lot of basic working details (though I'm not sure I agree with her viewpoints about distribution and cinematography).

: I was overwhelmed by the details when I first thought of a film project (something I'm cooking up, hopefully, for 20002). This is what helped me get over the fear: listen to folks who've been there, be realistic about your limitations and prospects, and plan to find fulfillment in the work itself first even if the big money never falls out of the sky. :)

: -- Pete

: : Kevin or anyone: Is it worth it to plunk out $300 plus for a Hollywood Film School given through Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (or any college for that matter). Can you really learn anything in that period of time? I have limited funds, three kids and a husband and wonder if it's worth spending that money on "myself". Anyone done that sort of thing? I am an aspiring screenwriter whose day job is managing the back office of a medical practice. Getting cold feet pushing myself into film-making. Encouraging words anyone?

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