Re: Vain hopes and dreams for Dante Hicks.

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Posted by Amphithea at on March 28, 2001 at 22:21:02:

In Reply to: Re: Vain hopes and dreams for Dante Hicks. posted by pwei on March 28, 2001 at 21:46:09:

Personally, I think Dante's the kind of character who would bitch and moan
no matter what he does. I know, I'm one of those annoying fucks too, who
can't seem to be happy with their life no matter what they're doing. I
mean, yeah, he's got a pretty worthless job, but take the Veronica and
Caitlin situation. He has an attractive girlfriend who's completely devoted
to him, brings him lunch, and doesn't cheat on him. But all he wants is
Caitlin, who's none of those things. He's a classic example of the whole
"grass is always greener" syndrome. And I also think it's natural for
people to want what they know they can't, or shouldn't have.

So basically, I think that even if Dante ends up in college, or in some
other job, he'll find a reason to be miserable because that's how he looks
at life. He's a pessimist, contrasted with Randal's nearly indefatigable
optimism. So I guess I'm just saying, I agree. Dante needs to be able to
find contentment at the Quick Stop, because it's all about his outlook on
life, and not about his position.

Just my two cents. Which was really more like pwei's two cents
regurgitated, but do with them what you will. Buy some Chewlie's gum.


: Hmmm. Not sure. It would add a good dollop of blackness if Dante was
still running around in circles in his little Quick Stop. It'd definately
add that dimension of what will be will be that all to often rules this
little sphere. Maybe he doesn't need to be a hero and escape from the hood.
The planet needs Dante Hicks to sell me gatorade and Julies gum, and
there's always the chance of him finding contentment and happiness through
shelf stacking and price labelling.

: The question is what if he does make it out. Will he go to college? Get a
career and a dead end job? Why can't he realise that it's not his situation
that makes him glum but merely his outlook? Take Randall for instance.
Surely it would be more liberating for him to find inner peace than simply
a new environment.

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