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Posted by Pseudo at spider-th084.proxy.aol.com on March 28, 2001 at 21:47:23:

In Reply to: Well... posted by Pseudo on March 28, 2001 at 21:41:55:

Clerks was based on Kevin Smith's days at Quik Stop. It'd be a thing of irony to show Dante gaining success in either a book or film about his days there and such. Maybe in the upcoming movie, we see Dante with the book, or him mentioning that he and Randall had just completed a script and began filming an independent black and white movie set at the Quik Stop. Then we'd see Matt Damon in a backwards hat as Randal, and Ben Affleck with big hair and a beard as Dante, all in black in white, arguing about Star Wars and comic books. It'd be classic. A reflection of how things turned out for Kev, since Dante technically IS Kev.

: I really don't see Dante going anywhere from Quik Stop. He's your Gen-X slacker-type which are a majority in Smith's films. And that's a cool thing, because the cold, hard reality of it, as opposed to many other movies, is that NOT EVERYONE is a doctor, ot a lawyer, or an accountant, with the 2.5 kids, and the three car garage, and the wife that every 14+ year old male on the block wants to fuck. That's what's so cool about the movies. Life is humorous and ironic...and humor is the best approach to anything, because we can only expect the worst while hoping for the best. In "...Strikes Back", I'd like to see Dante as a best-selling author, having written an account of his days at the Quik Stop. He'd write about himself, Randal, Veronica, the whole crew, Jay and Bob, the whole "gay" suspictions of Dante and Randal, and just about his life in general. The title would be "37: Just Clerkin'"...or something like that. Who the hell would want to read the book is another question in its entirity. The sad thing is, Dante and Randal didn't seem like they were stupid, they sounded educated and intelligent, and could have probably made something of themselves. Then again, them sounding intelligent is attributed to Kevin Smith's Rhodes Scholar dialogue in his films.

: : I posted this before a while back, and I remember Smalls said something along the lines of...

: : " A sense of familiarity is a good ting. I like knowing that the Dude abides." I think I've come up with a pretty good arguement why that is in fact moot.

: : Dante Hicks was NOT HAPPY. Clerks was about total lifestyle discontentment (I think, thats what it was about to me) underneath all the oral sex and hockey jokes. So the idea that Dante Hicks is STILL working at Quick Stop is depressing. It just is. While it's fully realistic, I don't want to think all the events in Clerks were for naught. I want to think Dante got his shit together and got out of that hell hole.

: : So, my vain hope is that when i go to see Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back that I won't see Dante still working at Quickstop. I don't care what he's doing- just not working there would be good.

: : I spose this could be looking too much into it, but I'm not gonna care as much if Holden and Banky are friends again. I won't care if Hunting got... whatshername. But the whole ending to Clerks made me believe Dante was going somewhere now (I'm aware he got shot in the original cut, but it WAS cut, so fuck that, he lived and he's supposed to grow). And if he hasn't.... I dunno. Whatever. Just hoping.

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